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    It has finally happened, we finally have a mobile-friendly main site! I won't say it's packed with features because it's really not just a few new things on the main page and everything else is basically the same ;) Also wanted to say thank you to everyone who contributed testimonials :) You can view all of them here. They are also short excerpts of them on the main page.

    September 3 2013

    Over the next couple weeks, we will be migrating all sites to brand new server hardware. Computing technology is always improving, and we would like to take advantage of this by upgrading to the latest components. The benefit to you, our hostees, is more overall stability for your fansites. The move will be performed by us in the background, you shouldn't notice anything. Just continue to run your sites as per normal. We will try to limit any downtime during this transition, but if ...Read More

    June 15 2013

    We have added a new fansite directory to Starszz! Everything is now sorted by Celebrity and in categories which will make it easier to find the sites that you are looking for. Go take a look at the new directory! :)

    October 8 2010

    Welcome to our new site, we switched the portal page to Wordpress to make it easier to manage content on the main page. The application form for hosting is now located on the portal page under get hosted. This applies to new hostees and existing hostees as well. We will be changing over the hosted sites directory as well, no ETA on that as of yet. We hope that you like the new look!

    January 24 2010

    Hey Hostees, We are now offering unlimited packages to you, no need to worry about running out of space anymore! Thank you for choosing as your host, we are always striving to make you have the best hosting experience! :)

    January 24 2010

    We are pleased to provide free domain names to every single one of our hostees. What's the criteria? All current and new hostees will now receive a free domain name. If you are hosted by StarsZZ, you instantly qualify. No catches. No gimmicks. Just free domain names for all. New hostees: please click here and search for an available domain name that you would like and write it down in your application. Current hostees: please click here to search for an available domain and then ...Read More

    January 20 2010


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