Hosting Rules

It is very important that you thoroughly read through these rules before applying. Any sites in non-compliance will be suspended, and in certain extreme cases, terminated.

We take these rules very seriously. You should too.

#01 Hostees should update their sites regularly, ie. at least weekly. Sites inactive for over a month may be removed.
#02 New sites must be setup within one week of account approval. Accounts not setup will be deleted or put up for adoption.
#03 All sites must have a link back to on their main page.
#04 Every hosted site must include our banner and toolbar code.
#05 Advertising codes must not be altered in any way.
#06 Only one of your own advertising banners permitted on your site.
#07 Hostees are not permitted to host any other sites apart from the one in their application.
#08 If going on hiatus, your site should be left open for visitors to browse.
#09 All galleries and forums should be publicly viewable and must not require a login to enter.
#10 Moving a StarsZZ hosted site to another fansite hosting service will result in being banned from applying for further sites and from our support forums.
If Starszz/ purcahses a domain for your site, please note that the site’s content must remain on the domain for the duration of the domain name’s registration.
#11 No adult or illegal material permitted.
#12 Hostees agree to accept full and sole responsibility for any and all content on their site/s.

These rules are subject to change at any time. We recommend all hostees visit this page periodically to keep abreast of the rules.