Migration to New Servers

Over the next couple weeks, we will be migrating all sites to brand new server hardware.

Computing technology is always improving, and we would like to take advantage of this by upgrading to the latest components.

The benefit to you, our hostees, is more overall stability for your fansites.

The move will be performed by us in the background, you shouldn’t notice anything. Just continue to run your sites as per normal.

We will try to limit any downtime during this transition, but if you notice any problems, please start a topic in our support forums.

For those who are a bit techy and want some juicy details on the new servers:

  • Our current servers have 4 CPU cores (some with 8). New servers all have 24 cores.
  • Going up from 4GB RAM to 32GB RAM.
  • Larger 3TB hard drives.
  • Hardware RAID-1 for redundancy (if a hard drive fails, we can swap it with a new one without any downtime).

Plus all the usual goodies that come with our free fansite hosting. =)